What Do You Get For $1500 Monthly Rent? Here Is A Peek At Apartments From Around The World

Leave it to New York to actually have a political party called the Rent Is Too [email protected]%$ High Party. Raising rents have apparently spread to Washington, D.C., as the party has expanded there as well. Rent's are pretty out of control on both coasts, with New York and Los Angeles becoming laughably impossible on the average single-income. So if rents in your city are making you consider a move, check out this eye-opening look at what $1500 can get you across the world.

London — £997 ($1,551) for a studio with a bed, bathroom and kitchen in Kensington.


Paris, France — 1,220 euros ($1,323) for a studio with a kitchen, toilet and shower room. 


Berlin, Germany — 1,250 euros ($1,356) for an  “Altbau”-style loft apartment. 


Kathmandu, Nepal — 150,000 Nepalese rupees ($1,474) for a 4-bedroom, 5-bathroom house with a pool, garden and, of course, servant quarter.

Apartment Kathmandu

Mumbai, India — 94,000 Indian rupees ($1,477) for a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom condo with a pool, club house and tennis courts.

Magic Bricks


New York City, United States — $1,425 for a 1-bedroom apartment in Prospect Park South, Brooklyn. This is actually an insanely good deal for the area.


Buenos Aires, Argentina — 13,580 pesos ($1,488) for a 1-bedroom, one and a half bathroom condo with a pool, gym and walk-in closet.


Shanghai, China — 8,564 Chinese yuan ($1,380) for a 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom with what looks like a super space age toilet.


Sydney, Australia — $1940 Australian dollars a week ($1,428) for a 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom with laundry in the bathroom.


Moscow, Russia — 85,000 rubles ($1,491) for a large studio with a sauna and a bidet.


Los Angeles, United States — $1,512 for a downtown LA studio with a sweet rooftop pool.



Tokyo, Japan — 185,000 yen ($1,491) for a 3-bedroom apartment with, it seems, a living room hammock. Why not?


Nairobi, Kenya — 150,000 Kenyan shillings ($1,463) for a 2-bedroom apartment with the killer view and access to the building's two on-site waterfalls.


Cairo, Egypt — 9,648 Egyptian pounds ($1,232) for a 4-bedroom, 1-bathroom apartment with actual, real, live pyramid views.


Cape Town, South Africa — 15,000 South African rand ($1,209) for a 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom close to the sea.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil — 3,107 Brazilian reais ($972) for a 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom that also comes with its very own hammock.


Via: Buzzfeed

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