What Does Your Birth Month Say About You?

What determines our personalities? Some say nature, some say nurture. Likely, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. But, what about when we're born?

For ages, people have tried to determine personality, fortune and more according to astrological or calendrical principles. There’s a good chance you’ve looked up your “sign,” finding out that, as an Aries, you’re independent and optimistic, or that your reliability and helpful behavior can be attributed to your status as a Virgo. Although determining personality by birth month is not as popular as the traditional astrological signs, some still hold stock in the idea. Many also remain skeptical, but give it a try. The findings below just might shock you with their accuracy.


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January babies are stubborn, ambitious and productive. They can be rather reserved and quiet, yet know how to make others happy, perhaps due to their intelligence. They are both teacher and student, as they love to teach and be taught.


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February babies are mercurial, temperamental and ever-changing. They love freedom and can be rebellious, however, they are honest and loyal. Their clever natures make them lovers of abstract thought and ambitious, too.


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March babies tend to be shy, reserved and even secretive. They are trustworthy and kind; they are also naturally honest, generous and sympathetic, making them great friends.


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April babies are active and dynamic, with strong mentalities and decisive natures. They are brave and fearless, although it often leads to hasty acts that might be regretted later.



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May babies are hard-working, strong-willed and motivated. They can be stubborn and easily angered; their deep sense of feeling, though, makes them instinctively attractive to others.


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June babies are polite and soft-spoken, with sensitive and active minds. They always want the best, putting off decisions until they know they’re making the right one. They love to joke and debate with friends.


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July babies, while fun to hang out with, are secretive and difficult to understand. They are honest, tactful and approachable, but can be on the broody and quiet side.


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August babies are brave and fearless. People love to follow them and they love to lead with their extraordinary spirits. They are easily provoked to anger and jealousy, but otherwise careful and cautious.



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September babies are organized and attentive to detail, as well as critical when they see a fault in someone else. Their knowledgeable and clever natures are complemented by their good memories.


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October babies could talk all day. They love to be at the center of things and they love the people who love them. They treat their friends well, although they don’t care what people think about them. They tend to be free-spirited. 


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November babies have a lot of ideas. Their unique and brilliant natures lead to extraordinary ideas and sharp thinking. They are inquisitive and dig for secrets, but they are patient and brave, too.


In Dependence

December babies are loyal and generous. They love to socialize, particularly in organizations where they can gain influence to aid their ambitions. They don’t pretend, however, and they are trustworthy.

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