What Happens When You Put Bubble Wrap In A Vacuum Cleaner?

Apr 6, 2016

I can pop bubble wrap at a speed of 2.14 bubbles per second. How do I know? Like all things important, there is a website for it, of course! 

While bubble wrap's claim to fame is the sweet satisfaction that comes with popping it, most people don't know the bizarre history that brought it to the market. In 1957, engineers Alfred W. Fielding and Marc Chavannes created bubble wrap, but they didn't plan to use it for insulation – they envisioned it as a new type of wallpaper! While the idea didn't take off (I think it would have worked better in the '70s, don't you?), the duo was determined to get rid of their inventory. For a time, it was sold as “greenhouse insulation” until, in 1961, it was found to be an ideal packing material. 

Thus, the Sealed Air Corporation was born, with Bubble Wrap as its primary brand. Today, their annual sales are estimated to be around $4 billion. Not bad for two guys who started out with a failing wallpaper business! The great thing about Fielding and Chavannes is that they weren't afraid to think outside the box, much like the hacker in this next video. CrazyRussianHacker has been keeping the Internet weird and wonderful since 2013, and putting bubble wrap in a vacuum cleaner is definitely both of those things. I expected a cool reaction, but the result is so weirdly satisfying. I'll definitely be watching this one again and again. 

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H/T: CrazyRussianHacker

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