What Really Happens When You Turn Your Cell To Airplane Mode

Traveling is always fun, especially when it involves getting on a plane and visiting faraway destinations. Before we can check in at the hotel and enjoy the vacation, there are a lot of things to prepare and motions to go through first. From packing our suitcases to safely getting onto the plane, traveling can be quite tiring even before we arrive at our destination.

Most of us are familiar with the rigorous procedures at the airport. We must arrive and check in a couple of hours early in order to have ample time to go through security. Once we are on the plane, we can finally sit back and relax until we land. However, there is one thing that most of us are always reminded to do before we take off: turn our cell phones to "airplane mode." Some of us have heard that failing to do so can result in the plane malfunctioning! While pilots and flight attendants will tell you that you should definitely set your phone to airplane mode, the reason is different from what we've always been told.

Traveling by plane can be exhilarating and fun, but there is one golden rule that we know all too well.

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Whenever you get on a plane, you'll be asked by the flight crew to ensure that your phone is set to airplane mode. Most of us oblige without questioning the reason behind it.

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Some people will turn their phone completely off, but this isn't necessary.


So, what really happens when you leave your phone on its normal setting?

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The pilot will be able to hear a buzzing sound - which can interfere with their communication with air traffic control.


While the static noise is not a safety hazard, it is nonetheless irritating and distracting for the pilots.


At the end of the day, it is still best if everyone would simply set their phones to airplane mode so that the pilots can operate the plane hassle-free.


Don't forget to check for the airplane icon on your phone to make sure that your phone is indeed on airplane mode.



Don't worry - most airplanes have Wi-Fi now, so you'll be able to enjoy most features on your phone even in airplane mode.


So, do your pilots a favor and let them fly the plane in peace.


If you hear other people say that it's not necessary to use airplane mode because it doesn't pose any dangers to the plane, you can explain to them why it is still best to do so.


A happy pilot means a happy flight for everyone!

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