What These People Did To Their Backyard Made Them The Envy Of The Neighborhood.

No matter what you've got - sprawling country yard or teeny-tiny city space - your backyard should be as much a living space as the rest of your house. And even though the weather is getting chilly, a well-designed backyard space is just perfect for bundling up and having a morning cup of coffee or nighttime herbal tea.

Check out these budget-friendly DIY backyard hacks to bring the style to your yard space.

1. Add legs to your wooden end pieces and what do you have? A one-of-a-kind end table.

Home Depot

2. Even if your space is teeny-weeny, this yellow polka dot ottoman provides storage, seating and a tabletop.

Home Depot

3. This mini summer box gets major grill points. Bonus: it all fits in a bicycle basket.

Working Class Magazine

4. Give an ugly white table a new look with a fresh coat of paint and a lot of creativity.


5. This designer took odds and ends from fences and logs and created this awe-inspiring patio set in just a day. 

Rebecca Cole Design

6. This outdoor lounge space is actually remarkably easy to make, and the underside of the base is perfect for storage.

Apprentice Extrovert

7. This wire table is a great way to use up your odds and ends. (If you're feeling especially creative, you could even plant vines underneath it for a living stool.)

Holtwood Hipster

8. If you're cutting down a tree, why not keep the stump for a rustic, natural table? 

Home Depot

9. These terra cotta tables can be painted to match the whims of every season.

Apartment Therapy


10. It's perfectly normal to be brimming with jealousy right now.

A Beautiful Mess

11. A quick coat of paint takes these chairs from cheap to chic.

Home Made Diva

12. This lawn chair looks like something you'd buy at a fancy boutique, but it's all twined by hand. 

A Beautiful Mess

13. This backyard knows it’s a tastemaker. And it doesn't even care.

Vintage Romance Style

14. So maybe it's not the comfiest couch, but it's definitely a statement. 

Funky Junk Interiors

15. Keep your refreshments close at hand with this cute yard bar cart.

Home Depot

16. Those outdoor rugs are durable, but they're usually so boring. Give them a little more life with a can of a spray paint and your imagination.

Design Improvised

17. Instead of cutting flowers for the centerpiece, why not grow your plants in the center?

Far Out Flora

18. This looks like such an expensive couch. Hard to believe it was just a quick trip to the lumber store and some added pillows.

Funky Junk Interiors

19. Vases can look so fussy outdoors. Instead, just hollow out your end tables and plant flowers directly in them. Problem solved!



20. Putting a glass tabletop on this pallet table keeps everything just as light and airy as you can get. Of course, an ocean view doesn't hurt either.


21. This ottoman is actually a recycled rug, but doesn't it look just perfect and casual in this space?

Prudent Baby

22. The key to a truly comfy hammock is layers. Lots and lots of layers, pillows and throws. And then never leaving.

Design Sponge

23. Not a bad view, right?


24. This end table was just boring white metal. Now it's full of life and whimsy, just one can of paint later.


25. Even cushions can get the hand-painted treatment.


26. If you've got power tools and a dream, you can build it. And it will look amazing.


27. Remember how fun tire swings used to be? Bring back those memories with a colorful (and oh-so-inexpensive) tire table.


Credit: BuzzFeed | ViralNova

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