What This Couple Did With This Dirty, Dingy Camper Is Seriously Epic. And I Want It.

When Don Keyrock and his girlfriend found a vintage 1965 Serro Scotty Sportman camper, it wasn't in the greatest shape. Even in its heyday, the camper was a little dumpy. But the couple saw a lot of potential hiding somewhere in there, and they set to work to restore (and enhance) its former glory.

This is the final product, but let's start from the beginning, shall we?

This is what the camper looked like at first. Not terrible, right?

Or not.

To really assess the kind of structural damage they were looking at, they peeled off the aluminum siding.

They stripped all the paint from the siding.

Holy water damage!

There's no way to save wood that's that far gone and rotten.

So, it had to go.

They took out the floor. Basically, they gutted it down to the frame.

Newly painted, updated and waterproofed, the frame is now ready to support the camper.

Priming the frame. Note the aluminum siding in the background.

The new floor starts to take shape.

Using the aluminum frame as a guide (you knew it was going to come in handy, right?), they cut out the new walls.

Looking good!


Now the camper is starting to look like a camper again. They put in the new appliances to see how everything would fit together.

Now for the interior.

Parts of it were built outside and brought into the camper after careful measuring.

These removable drawers bring a much needed update and burst of color.

The front wall of the camper is already in.

The cabinets start to take shape and you can start to imagine what it will look like.

Space has to be set aside for a water tank, cargo, and all of those details. Every inch has a plan.

A ceiling fan is a lifesaver in a camper like this.

Priming the brand new inside of the camper.

Hello! The camper's drab, old interior has been given a burst of color.

Now the insulation goes on to protect it all from the elements.

And now the aluminum siding comes back once again.

Window installation takes careful measuring and painting, but it's coming together.

Now that the aluminum siding is up, it's sanded down and ready for a fresh coat of paint.

Complete with a bright orange stripe.


And some cool, repainted, original decals to match the stripe.

Now it’s starting to look like a new camper.

The new door, new windows and cool retro light complete the look.

After sanding and sealing the wood countertop, it looks better than ever.

Ready for the cupboard doors and lighting.

The camper goes electric with 110v AC wiring.

Fancy, eco-friendly LED bulbs light up the space.

Look at this bright and sunny space!

Oh, did we mention there is even a bathroom in the camper? And a sink?

Look how adorable that mini kitchen is.

It's amazing how inviting this little camper is now.

They kept the retro vibe alive, but it's also completely updated and convenient. Not to mention much more earth friendly and safe. See even more photos on Don's blog.

Credit: Reddit

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