What Was THAT Dream About? Find Out What These Common Dream Images Mean

Every one of us dreams. Some of us don’t often remember them. For others, it’s a nightly occurrence. Many people keep dream journals to help them fight that strange, universal fading of dreams into oblivion. It seems like the longer you’re awake, the less you can remember your dream unless you can find a way to archive it. While every dream is typically unique in some way, many of us dream about similar things. Specific “symbols” in dreams are so common that many people have sought to understand and define them. After all, if everyone dreams about falling, it must mean something, right? Well, as you can imagine there isn’t a tremendous amount of hard science to back this stuff up, but nevertheless it’s pretty fun to try and find your way through the weird, hazy meanings of this fascinating aspect of humanity.

The meanings in this list are not meant to be absolute or perfect. It’s up to you to figure out why you might have dreamt about that green flying box. But hopefully we can help you in the right direction!

1. Boxes. Dreaming of boxes might seem a little odd, but there’s a pretty easy explanation.

Typically, if you’re dreaming of a box or boxes, you’re concerned about a secret you might be keeping, or that someone might be keeping from you. More broadly, you could be worried about disappointment or embarrassment. Not to worry, your dreams are telling you to confront those secrets and fears! You can do it!

2. Falling. Anyone who hasn’t had this dream is lying about never having this dream.

Falling is an extremely common dream and is your mind’s way of dealing with the anxieties you faced through the previous day. They’re especially prevalent in times when you might be feeling a tremendous loss of control. Maybe a risky life choice doesn’t seem to be paying off, or your boss simply won’t listen to you. Either way, you might want to think about the causes of anxiety in your life to deal with this dream. Or take up yoga.

​3. Cats. If you have this dream, it’s because a cat is about to land on your face and attack.

Just kidding. Cats are typically symbolic of your feminine side. Even the surliest of us have one and it’s actually very powerful for both men and women. Embrace it and gain some of that confidence with which cats are so often associated.

​4. Teeth. Yea, we’d rather not talk about this one either, but here we are.

If you’re dreaming about teeth the dream is typically pretty freaky. Teeth falling out, teeth being loose, it gives us the heeby jeebies just thinking about it. But those dreams are common because they reflect our innate fears about our body. Aging, looks, teeth are one of those major indicators of youth and beauty and you might just be concerned that you’re losing one or the other.


Don’t be. You’re beautiful. Just like old Smiley up there.

​5. Ants. Why did it have to be ants?

You don’t happen to have a big project at work, do you? Maybe some teammates that aren’t necessarily holding up their end of things? Ants are a strongly social insect and always work together to solve problems. You might be lacking a bit of that in your life. Try to find the source of this black hole of unhelpfulness and you might just rid yourself of these creepy crawlers. Or think hard about a can of Raid before bed.

​6. Hair. Long beautiful hair. Or short beautiful hair. Hair’s just beautiful, right?

If you’re specifically dreaming about long hair, however, you’re dreaming of freedom you feel like you don’t have in your life. That might be as simple as a new, bold haircut. Or it might require a little more creative thinking to connect that dream to reality. Find your freedom.

​7. Water. Rushing water. Still water. Deep water.

Water’s actually a good sign. Unless you wake up and find your dream was a little too real, water typically signifies your readiness to grow, take new risks, be bold and seize the day. If you’re thinking about taking a big leap in life, the time is now!

​8. Flying.

You need to release some of the pressures of your week. Work is tough, maybe. Or perhaps there’s just a looming deadline. Well, the second that’s up, ditch the daily grind and get your eagle on, whether it’s in a hobby or in an airplane. Break up your routine and blow off some steam.


9. Mud.

Time for a bath. Just kidding! Mud typically symbolizes your feeling stuck. In work, in life, in actual mud, it doesn’t matter. Take a deep breath, don’t panic, and start easing yourself out.​

​10. Roads.

Two roads diverged and all that. Multiple roads is all about the confusion and drama in your daily life. Slow your roll. Pay attention to the moment and find your single, right road. You’ll be happy to have found your way.

​11. Green.

Green. The color of money. The color of greed. The color of Kermit the Frog. Actually, green’s a great sign in dreams. You’re likely in a good, centered, healthy emotional spot in your life. Stay the course, you champion of dreams, you.

​12. Hey, where’d my clothes go?

Embarrassing but quite common, while initially quite terrifying, finding yourself in public sans culottes will actually boost your confidence. You’re afraid of being judged, but it turns out you’ve got nothing to worry about. Yours is the only opinion that matters and if you love yourself, so will everybody else.

Via: Little Things

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