What You Can Do With A Cardboard Box And $3 Seems Almost Too Good To Be True. I Need To Try This

If you have a cardboard box and a magnifying glass, you have everything you need to hack your smartphone into a lo-fi projector. The definition might be a little lacking but the price sure can't be beat.

You just need a small cardboard box, duct tape, a magnifying glass, one paper clip, a knife or straight razor, a phone and a deep need to share your photos or videos with friends and family.

First, trace the diameter of the magnifying glass on one end of the box.

And cut out the hole. (Mind those fingers.)


Pop the magnifying glass into the hole and use the duct tape to secure it, covering up any holes where light could escape.

If you want, you can poke an additional hole in the back so your phone can charge as it projects.

Using pliers or very strong fingers, bend the paperclip into a makeshift phone stand.

Now here is where it gets interesting. As you might remember from physics class, the image will be upside down going through the lens, so you'll need to go into your phone's settings and flip the image.

On an iPhone, this is under general settings. Turn on assistive touch from accessibility and rotate the screen, On Androids, you can download apps that perform the same function.


Turn the brightness all the way up and, if you have them, run external speakers out of the box. Position the phone to find the focus point through the glass. (Dimming the lights will help you find the sweet spot.)

Aim the box at a blank wall and move it back and forth until the screen focuses.

Whip up some popcorn and you've got yourself an easy hack movie night.

Credit: Imgur

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