What You See First In This Picture Can Reveal A Lot About Your Character

The picture below can reveal a lot about your character and your perspective on life. All it takes to find out is to answer one simple question, without thinking too long:

What do you see first?


If you saw....

An explosion

You have a very active imagination and are a highly creative individual who is likely engaged in work that allows you to express that creativity regularly. If not, then maybe you have some unrealized talents that you should look into. Did you love to sing or draw as a child? A new hobby never hurt anyone.

Two hands

You also have a good imagination, but you're grounded in reality and use logic to inform most of your decisions. You see things as they are and your clear-headedness makes you a popular choice for people seeking advice. Your rationality and sharp mind allow you to navigate even the most difficult situations with relative ease, and you tend to stay calm under pressure.

A tree

You're a highly observant individual who notices the fine details in everything. There's little that can stay hidden from your piercing gaze, and you're also highly sensitive to other people's feelings. You know how to approach sensitive matters by waiting for just the right time to broach the subject, and extracting information is fairly easy for you. The business world is best suited for someone with your talents.


If you saw nothing at all in the image above, you may need a rest. You're likely tired, which is making it difficult for you to see things from another perspective. Take a break, rest your body and mind. A little "R & R" will help restore your mental focus so you can get back to work with renewed vigor.

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H/T: Bright Side

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