What's Your Favorite Sleep Position? Your Answer Could Say A Lot About The Kind Of Person You Are

Ever wonder what your sleep position says about you? We all tend to have a favorite way of sleeping. While many of us will adjust throughout the night, we all tend to wake up in the same position, morning after morning. Could this suggest something deep and personal?

Fetal Position

The most common sleeping position, if you find yourself curling up on your side, this is your preferred position. Based on surveys, people who prefer this position tend to have a tough or resilient outward personality, but this is a protective barrier for their introverted and sensitive nature. It's twice as common for women to prefer this position, though it's also popular among those with leg cramps or restless legs.

Log Position

Lying down on your side with both arms straight along your sides is the "log," for obvious reasons. This position indicates a predisposition to being highly sociable, and an inclination to seek out elite company. It's also good for your spine. Not everything is great, however. It also suggests a very trusting person, and can result in heartbreak if you let that trust turn to gullibility.


Yearner / Reacher Position

Similar to the log, this side-sleeping position differs in having the arms outstretched. These type of sleepers are also open to new ideas and people, but unlike logs, yearners are deeply suspicious or cynical. They seek perfection but will not act without carefully weighing the information at hand. As a result, they can be very stubborn. The upside here is that yearners have very few regrets.

Soldier Position

Flat on your back, arms at your sides, the good little soldier is calm and aloof.  It suggests a rigid personality, often someone with high expectations of others. They don't like to make a big deal out of things and due to their stiffness, often keep to themselves to avoid discomfort. This position is notoriously bad for you, worsening conditions like snoring or sleep apnea, and often leads to a poor sleep.


Confident but not necessarily outgoing, these sleepers find themselves on their back with arms and legs outstretched in a variety of ways. Flexible and easygoing, starfish sleepers are often excellent listeners and make wonderful friends. As with other back-sleeping positions, low-quality sleep can be an issue. If you're an easygoing, friendly person but you sound like a lumber mill at night, you might want to reconsider the starfish.


Freefall Position

This position is named for its resemblance to skydivers in action. On your stomach with your arms tucked under the pillow is a sign of an enthusiastic and excitable person. Often the life of the party but not fond of criticism, their thin skin can sometimes result in a volatile personality. This position is also great for the digestion, if you need a little help in that department.

Credit: Gizmodo | Ker Wei Kwee

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