What's Your Role At The Family Table?

Nov 19, 2015

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, millions of people across America will soon be heading back home to spend the holiday with family. Though every family is different, the joy, stress and gratitude of spending time with relatives you rarely see is universally shared.

Whether it’s watching football with your uncle, baking pumpkin pies with grandma or just making sure no one brings up politics at the table, everyone has their role when the family gets together. So today we are celebrating the perfectly balanced ecosystem of the family table. The Wimp archives are filled with videos that remind us of home, and we picked our favorites to share with you. 

A Man And His Family Laugh When He Gets Caught In A Bizarre Situation – April 19, 2015 

Looks like grandpa got himself into another ridiculous situation. Only a family that loves each other a lot can laugh their way through this mess. 


Senior Woman Hilariously Goes Off Course During Dinner Speech – October 11, 2014 

Give grandma time to talk and she will definitely take advantage of it. 

Children React With Excitement To Their Fathers Coming Home – October 30, 2014

There’s nothing better than being greeted with screams of joy and a warm hug. Life can be long and stressful but when this is waiting for you, it’s all worth it. 


The Blessing Of Family – August 5, 2013 

As this table of women discover, a strong bond with your family is something to truly be jealous of. The holidays may be stressful and keeping the grandparents in line might be a chore, but then you look across the table and know everyone there loves you no matter what and there’s no place in the world you would rather be.

So if you spend time with your family over the next few weeks and you feel the stress starting to mount, make sure to pause for a moment or two and be grateful. Then you can go back to fulfilling the role your family needs and loves you for.  

From all of us at Wimp, have a very happy and safe Thanksgiving. 

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