When A Hospitalized Child Asked For Pizza, The Internet Responded In An Awesome Way

Hazel Hammersley was a patient at the Children's Hospital in Los Angeles, where the little two-year-old was bored while passing the time between chemotherapy treatments. So she and her mom put up a message in the window of Hazel's room, sending a request for pizza out into the universe.

Little Hazel, battling high-risk Stage 3 Neuroblastoma, and her roommate were flooded with pizzas coming in from Reddit users who'd seen a photo of the window online. She received so many that she and her mother had to actually request a surrender on the pizzas.

Hazel and her roommate dig in to a pizza sent by the internet.

Here was the request for pizza seen 'round the world.

Hazel is beaming with the attention and gives her thanks for the pizza.

The most beautiful part of this story is that, 11 months later, Hazel beat the cancer. She has now been cancer-free for over seven months.

Credit: Our Little Hazelnut

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