When Cooking Goes Wrong: 21 Hilarious Kitchen Fails To Make You Laugh Out Loud

There's nothing like the independence of being able to cook for yourself and breaking your reliance on takeout. There's also the huge amount of money you'll save each week from avoiding fast food, which you can use for better things like upgrading to commercial-free Hulu.

The transition isn't without its hiccups, though. Some folks have a bad time learning to cook for themselves, and can't seem to get Ramen started without having something explode.

From the typical burnt food to the shock of wrecked appliances, we're looking at some of the worst cooking fails that have ever graced a kitchen. 

1. A Mountain Of Rice


No person out there needs that much rice, period. If you're feeding a massive amount of folks that specifically crave the dish, use multiple pots.

2. Spaghetti Disaster


Spaghetti is one of the last things you can manage to screw up cooking, but this individual did the unthinkable. Taking a quick photo of the massacre was more important than putting out the fire, apparently.

3. Poor Bunny


This individual ran out of chocolate while cooking a Mother's Day cake and decided that it would be best to sacrifice the life of a harmless chocolate bunny.

4. The Agony of Defeat


It's really hard to tell if this person got agitated with their cooking abilities or if the cat just wanted to get a better taste of the sauce.

5. Let's Get Burnt


This is what happens when you fall asleep while cooking some delicious food. Now, those tasty fries and mini tacos have completely gone to waste.

6. Under Pressure


This pressure cooker nearly destroyed the kitchen because of some faulty safety features. Getting a brand new stove is going to cost a fortune, though.


7. Terror Cake


This cake looks like it came straight out of a horror film. Its appearance also made a kid cry, which is something that cake isn't really supposed to do.

8. Eyes On The Side


While cooking the bunny bread, its eyes accidentally slid to its sides, which led to this awkward finished product. The actual bread turned out great, though.

9. Unrecognizable Pancake

College Humor

What was originally meant to be a delicious Tinker Bell pancake for the kids turned into a complete hot mess. Peter Pan would not be pleased.

10. Overflowing With Brownie Mix


While trying to bake the brownie mix, one person made the mistake of having too much liquid in the cup. The end result is a messy oven.

11. Facial Expression


While you can have egg on your face, did you ever think you'd have a face on your egg? This person certainly didn't think so.

12. Meatloaf Baby


Some person thought it would be cool to make a baby out of meatloaf and bacon. They didn't realize that normal people would probably feel really uncomfortable eating it.

13. Baked Glasses


There's a baker somewhere wondering where they lost their glasses. Next time, it would be best to leave them off when baking some delicious treats.

14. R.I.P. Spongebob


Instead of trying to bake a Spongebob Squarepants cake for a child's birthday party, just buy one from the store. You'll save yourself the possible embarrassment.


15. Cthulhu, Is That You?


A massive being such as Cthulhu should have the best pies in their name. Unfortunately, this cook didn't get the memo. Let's hope that Cthulhu never awakens to this travesty.

16. Mutant Chicken Monsters

Baking is a delicate art, clearly one this person needs a little more time on.

17. Cursed Bread

Good lord, those do not look appetizing at all, do they?

18. Monkey Cake

It looks like it has a bloody nose. Please, don't let impressionable kids see this.

19. Creepy Snowman

It started as Frosty... but it became Jabba.

20. Overcooked Caramel

That's not caramel, that's clearly a portal to dark and fiery netherworld.

21. Melted Board

It's not easy making a masterpiece like this.

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