When Her Husband Forgets His Lunch, She Throws It Into His Car From The Balcony Like A Total Boss

Look out, Stephen Curry. If this woman's three-point game is anywhere as good as her sandwich game, we may just have found the next NBA MVP.

After her husband forgot his lunch, this wife didn't feel like going down several floors to the lobby. Instead, she simply tossed it down to him through his open sunroof. She launched the sandwich with a casual flick of her wrist (look at the flick of the wrist, look at the flick of the wrist!). Somehow, either by extreme skill or some kind of wizardry, the sandwich lands neatly in the passenger seat of the car and her husband casually drives away like it's no big deal.


This video was uploaded to the MAKE SENSE YouTube channel, where it's already reached nearly 4.4 million views in just two weeks. It seems the whole world is impressed with this wife's shooting skills.

The woman has yet to be identified, but she may want to consider a career in basketball.

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H/T: HelloGiggles

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