When She Puts Her Garage Door Down, It Puts On Quite A Show

When it comes to holiday decor, Halloween is the undisputed champ in my mind. Sure, Christmas is good too, but come on, have you seen how fun some of the Halloween stuff is?!? Whether it's tombstones in the yard, creepy projections in your window, or even classic cotton cobwebs all over the place, Halloween decorations are where it's at.

I'm always on the lookout for cool Halloween ideas, and this one from Amanda Destro Pierson, a professional face painter from Ohio, is definitely one of my favorites. She used her artistic skills to transform her garage door into something monstrously cool.

She painted sharp-toothed jaws on her automatic garage door, as well as two terrifying green eyes. As if it wasn't cool enough just like that, it also creates the illusion of the monster shutting its jaws whenever Amanda raises the door.

Footage of the door going up/down to create the effect quickly went viral after Amanda posted it to Facebook, gaining 25 million views and counting!

Amanda says she got the inspiration for the project from Pinterest, and it took her about 10 hours, several buckets of paint, and multiple trips to the craft store to finish. She sketched out the design and hand-painted everything on craft foam and held the teeth in place with duct tape.

Since going viral, Amanda's project has attracted plenty of media attention, including an interview on the TODAY Show. "It’s ridiculous," she said. "I’ve been laughing a lot about it. I’ve always wanted a house so that I could decorate it for Halloween, which I love doing more than for Christmas."

A professional face painter and graphic designer, Amanda says that she and her husband and 13-year-old daughter simply love going all-out for Halloween. She's now received so many inquiries from people that she's thinking about putting together a kit for sale so others can get in on the fun too!

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H/T: DailyPicksandFlicks

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