When This Dog Gets Excited, His Camera Takes A Picture. What It Captures Is Fascinating

You take so many pictures of your dog, but do you ever wonder what your pup would photograph if you handed over the camera? Would your dog have an Instagram full of beautifully plated brunches, sunsets and smiling friends? Turns out, that's exactly what it would be. (Maybe a couple less lo-fi filters.)

In an adorable project called Heartography, Nikon outfitted several dogs with a harness that snaps a photo when their heart rate increases. A dog named Grizzler has the distinction of being Nikon's first canine photographer. So what got Grizzler excited?

Crabs hanging out in a tank.


Pigeons enjoying lunch.

His best-worst frenemy.


A goose chilling at the park.



And, of course, family.

Credit: Nikon Heartography

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