When This Golden Retriever Is Told To Stay, He Really Stays

Steve Moore rescued a three-year-old Golden Retriever that nobody wanted from a local shelter and did something truly impressive: he trained the pup, now named Jackson, to sit and wait patiently for him outside a store while he shops!

Steve is not a professional dog trainer, but he does have a very effective training method. His trick is to do the training in a high-traffic area so that the dog can get accustomed to ignoring distractions, while he hides just out of sight and keeps watch. He never puts Jackson in a situation where there's a potential for him to run into the road.

The dog waits patiently outside the store with a sign around his neck, and garners plenty of attention! "Everybody wants to take him home," says Steve. "I just find that amazing because four weeks ago, nobody wanted him."

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H/T: The Pet Tree House

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