When This Man Dove Into The Water To Save A Drowning Victim, He Never Guessed Who It Would Be

Many people would help out to rescue a drowning person. Most people would lend a hand to rescue a small animal in danger of drowning. But what about when the victim is a 400-pound bear?

A nature conservancy in Florida got a report about a wild bear roaming around a community area. They determined that the safest way to get him back to his natural habitat was to tranquilize and transport him.


But the bear panicked and ran toward the ocean.


The tranquilizer started to take effect and the bear became more and more drowsy the farther he swam.


So brave biologist Adam Warwick, decided to go in after the bear.


He dove into the water and attempted to block the bear's path.


He reported, "It was a spur of the moment decision. I had a lot of adrenaline pumping when I saw the bear in the water."


Keep in mind, this is an untamed bear that easily could have torn him to shreds.


Instead, the bear tried to climb on top of Adam to stay afloat.


Adam kept the bear's head above water and brought him to shore.


He dragged the 400-pound creature onto dry land.


He finally got the bear out of harm's way.


Amazingly, he suffered only a minor cut and some barnacle scrapes.


He had some help getting the bear the final few yards to shore.


It then took a tractor bucket to transport the bear the rest of the way back to the woods.


I wonder if the bear will think it was all just a dream?


Here's the bear, back in his natural habitat.


Adam Warwick deserves a medal for that kind of bravery! 

Images: Becky Bickerstaff and Adam Warwick of The Nature Conservancy

Credit: Distractify

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