Which Of These Suns Are You Drawn To? It Reveals A Lot About Your Personality

The shapes that we are drawn to can actually say a lot about our psyches. This has already been well-documented in relational psychology. In this instance, the type of sun that you are drawn to reveals aspects of your personality.

The sun has always been a highly significant symbol in cultures across the world. Below are eight different drawings of the sun. Pick the one that seems most appealing to you, then find out what it means about you.

Made your choice? Read on below to see what it means.


You tend to be a positive person, always looking for the next big way to improve yourself. You are hard to discourage and tend to stand your ground.

You are an optimist who is extremely resilient to hardship, and you're a very good friend. You can be outgoing, but you pick and choose your close friends carefully.



The two things you value most are personal space and respect from your friends and peers. You are often a bit reserved around people, more introvert than extrovert.

You gravitate towards good, simple traits like honesty, kindness, and loyalty. However, this can sometimes leave you vulnerable to being taken advantage of. Learn to trust your gut to avoid that happening.


You're smart, curious, and adventurous. You value transparency and usually reserve your judgment until you have all the facts. 

You have natural leadership abilities, and others often look to you for guidance.


You're known amongst your friends as a source of boundless energy and creativity, though you can sometimes be distracted by too many ideas at once. New challenges excite you, and you attack them head-on.

You've got a true love for life and living to the fullest. As long as you can create tangible goals and stay focused on them, you will have great success.


You are the person that everyone can count on for a helping hand, always ready to rush in and help anyone who might need it. Some might call it a hero complex, but you feel like if you don't do it, who will?

You are also highly intelligent, though you tend to keep your thoughts to yourself most of the time.



You are a happy, fun-loving person who loves all the little pleasures in life and tackles problems directly.

You take criticism very well and are always found with a smile on your face. You're also seen as being highly trustworthy.


You have goals, and lots of them. Luckily, you've also got the follow-through to see them through - provided you can narrow down which ones to work on out of your giant list of ideas. One life, alas, just isn't long enough for you to do everything you want to do, so choose your dreams carefully.

Others see you as the model of determination and perseverance, someone who always follows through on whatever they set their mind to and never gives up.


You've got the patience of a saint, and rarely (if ever) hold grudges. You're wise beyond your years and tend to really think things through before doing anything in order to avoid making a mistake.

You care deeply about the people you love, but your rational mind and fierce intelligence can sometimes alienate others.

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H/T: Bright Side

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