Which Tree Are You? The One You Choose Could Reveal A Truth About Your Personality

Your personality shines through in everything you do and every choice you make, from your wardrobe to the foods you eat. Ever wonder what could be learned about your personality from choosing just one image? 

It's easy: just pick a tree and look at the corresponding number.

1. You might secretly (or not so secretly) browse the self-help books at the bookstore. You're always thinking of ways to improve yourself, but it's not for selfish reasons: you genuinely care about the way that you interact with the world and the morals you live by. Be mindful of your heart because you can be trusting to a fault.

2. You are a fun, dependable person and your friends know they can go to you for an honest opinion. You're a hard-worker and known for your brightness and wit. Lead a life worthy of your colorful commentary and the world will line up for your stories.


3. It's not that you're a loner, it's that you are constantly pondering deep ideas and you need space to let your own thoughts grow. Don't be afraid to ask for space when you need it; others will respect your needs. Follow your intuition and nurture your own idiosyncrasies and they'll guide your creativity.

4. You have a kind soul and an understanding of philosophy comes very naturally to you. It can be difficult for you to understand why others might not "get" you. Don't let it bother you-- your careful balance and extreme intelligence will be valued highly by those who see your emotional and intellectual gifts.

5. This is probably not the first time you've been called a trailblazer. You like doing it your way and you can get mighty stubborn if anyone tells you no. As long as your loved ones are honest with you, they'll appreciate your leadership and self-reliance.

6. People immediately relate to you and are drawn to your warmth and positivity. You see yourself as a work in progress and consistently try to improve on yourself and your situation. You love to be loved and you have a great sensitivity. Don't waste your time on anyone who isn't going to return the great love you give.


7. You are absolutely unsinkable. Come what may, you are a pillar of unflappable strength. Your good humor and flexibility make you a valuable companion in all walks of life. Your attitude makes you a great family member and an ideal traveler.

8. Your charm and effervescent energy draw people to your warmness and your excellent wit keeps them coming back for more. You'd never turn down an adventure and others admire your good-natured bravery and willingness to explore. You are a lifelong learner and likely a voracious reader.

9. Every morning, there's a part of you that realizes what great gifts life has given you and you say a little thanks in your own way. You tend to have good luck in life which only fuels your optimism. You're a loyal friend with unbelievable empathy. Just make sure your loved ones are letting you shine your very brightest.

Credit: Accion Positiva

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