While Installing New Whiteboards, A School Discovers Lessons From Nearly 100 Years Ago

Emerson High School in Oklahoma City was opened up this week by contractors for the first time in a long while. They were told to remove the blackboards and replace them with whiteboards for a new renovation, but they noticed something amazing – the chalkboards had not been touched since 1917.

Almost a hundred years old, the chalkboards show student lessons on civics...



And general lessons, like how to keep clean. The penmanship on the boards is impeccable. Truly a lost art.

A few of the chalkboards have drawings on them, like this one. (Pilgrims were a consistent theme throughout the classrooms.)


These music notes would have been played 98 years ago.

The school district and the city are working together to preserve the chalkboards.

Credit: Washington Post | Oklahoma City Public Schools via Twitter

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