While Replacing Their Carpet, This Family Found A Shocking Secret Hidden In The Floor Below.

While cleaning out his grandparents' house in rural Tennessee, a Reddit user made the type of discovery that childhood dreams are made of. 

This was the location of the secret treasure... what's behind the door?

Oh. Just a regular closet with some grody carpeting.

However, the unassuming rug was the first key to finding the treasure. They pulled up the rug to get it cleaned and that's when they found a strange cap on the ground.

And under the cap, was a combination lock. Now things are starting to get interesting.

They tried to figure out the combination of the safe lock, using birthdays and any codes they could think of. But it seemed the combination had been lost to the ages. 


They called in a locksmith who worked tirelessly to get the safe open.

Finally, with the locksmith's help, they cracked the safe.

And they found these strange boxes.

There were several boxes of assorted shapes and sizes coming from the safe.

As well as several rolls of coins.

They unloaded more and more coins and bills from the safe.


Shocking that so much came from a safe with such a small opening.

Unfortunately, the papers, including the paper bills, inside the safe suffered water damage from a pipe bursting several years prior.

Here is a damaged cover for a coin set. The coins themselves survived.

A silver coin.

Even silver bars.

And a tool chest full of watches and jewelry.  Among the treasures found in the house were a number of pistols and one dollar bills known as "Barr notes" after the brief tenancy of Joseph W. Barr as the Secretary of the Treasury. The family is still unearthing treasures and appraising their findings.

Credit: Messy Nessy Chic 

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