White Lion And White Tiger Have Babies And They Are Absolutely Beautiful

Lions and tigers are the royalty of the animal kingdom. Once separated by continents, they now stand beside each other in zoos around the world. Lions, with their regal manes, and tigers, with their fearsome stripes, are a match made in feline heaven.

Ivory the lion and Saraswati the tiger met at Myrtle Beach Safari in South Carolina. As unusual a couple as a lion and tiger make, these two are even more exceptional because of their white coats. According to zoologists, there are only 300 white lions and 1,200 white tigers left on Earth.

The albino mates have now bred the world's first litter of white ligers, and they couldn't possibly be any cuter!


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As you can see here, the cubs' fur is mostly white, but unlike their mother, they still have plenty of stripes.

Like most genetic hybrids, these cubs will, sadly, grow up to be sterile. It's unfortunate that they won't be able to pass their beauty on to future generations of ligers and tigons.


The cubs are still small, but they're gaining weight at a rate of a pound a day. In time, they will be just as large as their parents, and will prove to be a major hassle to their handlers. For now, they're playful and love the attention they get from humans.

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H/T: HeroViral | Barry Bland

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