Why Everyone Should Stop Eating Ramen

When I need a quick meal for my kids, I take two packs of ramen noodles (with flavor packets), one can of peas, and one can of corn, I put 'em all together and call it "Daddy Soup." My kids assure me this would be a staple in any 5-star restaurant! After this information, though, I may have to find another source for the noodles.

Ramen and other processed noodles are a staple in many Asian countries. There has also been a recent rise in heart disease and a growing number of overweight adults, especially in South Korea (the largest national consumer of processed noodles worldwide). That is why Dr. Hyun Joon Shin, a clinical cardiology fellow at Baylor University Medical Center, decided to investigate both trends to see if there was a link.

What he found in his research is frightening. The study determined that eating processed noodles - such as ramen, lo mein, Thai, or glass noodles - two or more times a week increases the likelihood of developing metabolic syndrome. 

According to the National Institutes of Health, metabolic syndrome is a group of factors that raise your risk for cardiovascular issues, diabetes, stroke, and even death. They note that metabolic syndrome may soon replace smoking as the leading risk factor for heart disease, and that long-term lifestyle changes in diet and exercise are the best ways to protect against it.

With such dire consequences on the line, it's just not worth the risk. Even if you're like our family, and only eat ramen once or twice a month, it's pretty clear it's time for a healthier addition to soups and stir-frys. Now I have to rethink my "Daddy Soup" recipe before dinner.


One brick of ramen contains 40% of your daily intake of saturated fat!


Even the packaging may be unsafe as the styrofoam likely contains bisphenol-A, or BPA, a suspected carcinogen.


Not to mention the 1,560 grams of sodium in these little packets. That's more than half the FDA's recommended daily allowance!

J. Kenji López-Alt

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