Why You Need To Be Specific With Husbands

Something that I've learned from personal experience time and time again is that if you want something done properly, you've gotta do it yourself. When you tell someone else to do something, there's too much room for interpretation, and the results can be a little disappointing. People are wired differently, and what may seem like clear instructions to you might sound like Greek to someone else (especially if your instructions are in Greek - that's just mean).

For instance, I once got an email of a recipe from my mother where she told me to sauteé some onions "until the oil leaves." I scratched my head over that one for hours before I called her up and got the explanation - sauteé until the onions can be separated from the oil. Men, in particular, tend to be kind of literal when it comes interpreting something. So, it's no wonder that many a wife has asked her husband to do something and come back to find hilarious results. It's not our fault, ladies, our styles of communication and understanding are just different.

Not to mention the fact that, yes, it's true - we guys never fully grow up. No matter how expensive our suits and ties get, how big our 401K is, or how serious we may appear, we're never really above spending some time smack-talking our friends over a game, laughing at toilet humor, or enjoying dorky pranks. Dad jokes are a cultural phenomenon because that dorky little boy we once were will always be a part of us. Below, you'll find 20 hilarious examples of husbands who let that inner child come out to play!

1. "I asked my husband to make a shopping list ..."


2. "Came home to this last night."


3. "Last night, I asked my husband to put some spaghetti on the stove so I could start dinner when I got home."


4. "My friend's wife let him name their new puppy."


5. "So, I asked my husband to buy six potatoes ..."


6. "Once upon a time, I sent my daughter and my husband to buy her some nice new clothes."



7. "I am 5'1". I asked my 6'2" husband to hang a mirror for me."


8. "Asked my husband to watch the baby."


9. "My friend convinced her husband to go to Wine and Palette with her."


10. "I leave my husband with the baby for 10 minutes."


11. "Asked my husband to (hand) whip some heavy cream. Hear strange noises and walk in on this ..."


12. "Caught my husband red-handed. Thought he was working out."


13. "So, husband reorganized our bookshelf."


14. "My dad didn't bother reading the card before he bought it."



15. "My friend was at Michael's with her husband."


16. "My wife asked me to peel half of the potatoes and put them in the pot ... mission accomplished I'd say."


17. "I told my husband to buy 'some tortillas.' He bought 40."


18. "My husband cleaned the kitchen. I think he wants a reward."


19. "I asked my husband if he could pack my lunch this morning. I told him to surprise me. This will be lovely with my 2:00 coffee."


20. "Found my husband like this getting our one-year-old to bed."


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H/T: Bored Panda

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