Winter Pine Cone Crafts

Pine cones are a headache for any homeowner to deal with. They make it harder for your pet to play in the yard, are sharp to the touch and cause your lawnmower to sound like it's trying to clear its throat. While these things have a lot of negatives, that shouldn't keep us from using them for good. If you can get past their pointy exteriors, pine cones can be used for all kinds of crafts that'll make your house look festive this winter. It's time to clean up our lawns and get creative. Click on the links below the images to get full instructions for each craft. 

1. Pine Cone Garland

The Sweetest Occasion

Perfect for your mantle or any wall that could use a little sprucing up. Simply attach rings to the base of each pine cone and use twine to string them together.

2. Snow-Covered Jars

Crafts By Amanda

These wintery containers make perfect candle holders. Snow texture paint and Epsom salt take this craft to the next level.

3. Pine Cone Hanger

Virginia Sweet Pea

Add hooks to your pine cones like in the garland craft, but use ribbon instead of twine to create whatever color hangar you'd like.

4. Pine Cone Wreath

Craft Hubs

Don't just stop at pine cones! This craft is a perfect opportunity to get creative with other materials. 


5. Tiny Christmas Trees

Scissors And Spoons

These look so professional and are a breeze to make. You can never have too many Christmas trees.

6. Pine Cone Owl Ornaments

Lia Griffith

This cute craft is a great way to keep kids occupied while the adults cook Thanksgiving dinner.

7. Glorious Glitter Pine Cones

The Homes I Have Made

Want to make a scene with your pine cone craft? These easy glitter pine cones are the perfect way to make your décor stand out this year.

8. Giant Pine Cone Christmas Tree

Louisiana Bride

Simply hot-glue your pine cones to a styrofoam pyramid for this classy corner decoration.

9. Pine Cone Fairies

We Bloom Here

These can honestly be whatever you want them to be. Three wise men? Miniature Santas? Once you attach the head and hands, the sky's the limit.


10. Simple And Elegant Ornament

The WoW Style

This one's so simple it doesn't even require an explanation. Wait, does this still count as an explanation? Shoot.

11. Pine Cone Topiary

Somewhat Simple

Similar to the giant Christmas tree, this is an easy decoration that makes a perfect centerpiece for any large table. Unfortunately, the base isn’t included. 

12. Scented Pine Cone Arrangement 


Why buy scented pine cones from the store when you can make them yourself?

Via: Faith Tap

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