"Wishing Trees" May Look Ordinary From A Distance, But They're Far From It

We've all learned the lesson that money doesn't grow on trees, but what if a very special tree had the magical power to make money appear? You might want to take another look at these trees...

They're called wishing trees or money trees.

If you look closely, you'll see thousands of coins hammered into the bark of the tree.

It's an old custom in the United Kingdom that when a visitor sees a money tree, he wedges in his own spare change.


When you hammer in your coin, you make a wish.

These trees are literally covered in the wishes of strangers.

Most of the money trees are in Cumbria in West England and Portmeirion, along the Afon Glaslyn River in Wales.

The tradition goes back to 18th century Scotland when florins were hammered into trees with a prayer to take away sickness.


The tradition still remains in these stunning wishing trees.

Credit: ViralNova

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