With A Little Creativity And Hard Work, He Turned An Old Drum Into A Gorgeous Side Table

It started out with just an old drum in the backseat of the car.

The floor tom was purchased second-hand from a music shop, and it had clearly seen better days.

The first step was to trace out an area for the door and start making cuts.

Both the laminate decorative and the wood had to be cut through.

Because it wasn't actually glued down, the laminate decorative had to be carefully glued down to prevent it from bubbling up.


Gluing the laminate onto the door.

Using the pre-existing hardware, shelving elbows were added.

As well as door hinges and a round shelf. (Cool trivia: the shelf is a piece of barrier wall wood from Woodstock ‘99.)

A small handle is added to the door.

And now you can really see the full design of it.


All it needed now was a glass table top.

It adds a feeling of energy and fun to the living room.

And the shelf definitely comes in handy.

Credit: Imgur

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