With The Bios Urn, You Could Turn Your Ashes Into A Tree

Mar 13, 2015

Death is as inevitable as it is tragic, and it's only natural that the loved ones of the deceased would want some sort of lasting memorial to remember them by. This is why we have gravestones, plaques, benches and urns. The Bios Urn, however, seeks to provide a memorial that is beautiful, symbolic, and gives back to the Earth.

The Bios Urn is, as the name suggests, an urn for the ashes of the deceased. What makes it so different, however, is that it's 100% biodegradable and eventually turns the remains into a tree. The urn is comprised of two parts - a top capsule with a growth medium to facilitate seed germination and a bottom compartment in which the ashes are placed.

Bios offers several seed types, but any type of seed can be used because the design of the urn ensures that germination takes place separate from the ashes. Human ash is devoid of most of the nutrients a young plant needs, but it is an excellent source of carbon, which allows the soil to retain other nutrients better. Keeping that in mind, the Bios Urn decomposes at a rate that allows the roots to get strong enough before they come into contact with the ashes.

The Bios Urn has no expiration date, so it can be purchased in advance, and it also works with old ashes that you may already have in another urn. It's also extremely affordable, something which can rarely be said of other types of memorials.


The Bios Urn

What’s in each urn

Seed choices

Here’s how it works



With Bios, “There’s Life, After Life.”

To find out more, visit the official Bios website.

Credit: Bios | Bored Panda

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