With Tinfoil And A Tennis Ball, She Replaces This Costly Household Item - Brilliant!

You've probably never thought of tennis balls as anything other than ... well, tennis balls. However, crafty individuals everywhere have come up with a ton of unique uses for them. These little green balls are super handy and cost less than a cup of coffee for a pack of three. With just a tiny bit of effort, you can turn a tennis ball into a whole variety of useful tools. From removing scuff marks to prolonging the life of your clothes, tennis balls can save you a lot of trouble around the house.

1. Dryer-Sheet Balls


Dryer sheets might leave your clothes smelling like a meadow, but they also contain lots of chemicals. You can avoid them altogether and still get rid of static by using tennis balls wrapped in tinfoil. I'm A Lazy Mom has more information on this interesting method. The tinfoil prevents the static while the shape of the tennis balls causes the laundry to dry faster.

2. Scuff Remover


Chances are you have black scuff marks in your kitchen. They're common and they're ugly. Cleanspiration suggests using clean, dry tennis balls to rub them right out of existence. This doesn't have to be back-breaking work either. Cut an X into the ball and place a broom handle in the cut. Now you can clean those scuffs without having to bend over.

3. Curtain-Rod Decorations


In My Own Syle has a decorating secret. She makes eye-popping curtain-rod ends using tennis balls.

4. Pool Cleaners


Kids love those small, plastic pools. Adults don't love having to empty and replace the water when it gets gnarly. The Moderm Mom has an elegant solution. Put a tennis ball in the pool and watch as it floats around the water, collecting anything that shouldn't be in the water on its surface.


5. Purse Organizer


Do you have lots of small items just bouncing around at the bottom of your purse? Things like loose change, rubber bands, and mints? Onelmon Crafting Experiments suggests a great idea to organize all those small items. You can make a cheap and creative container by creating a slit in a tennis ball. Go a step further and decorate it to make an awesome coin purse.

6. Back Massager


Crossfit Flagstaff has a unique solution to working painful knots out of your back. By taking two tennis balls and wrapping them up in athletic tape, you can create a simple massager that will get that knot out in no time.

7. Parking Guide


How many times have you creeped your car into the garage only to have the bumper smack into the wall? Do-It-Yourself suggests using a tennis ball to give that bumper a break. Using a tennis ball on a string will direct you where to park and save your car from scratches.

8. Decorative Garland


Do you have a tennis fanatic in your life? Anna Nimmity has a great gift idea. Your friend is sure to love this cute tennis-ball garland that they can put on display throughout the year.


9. Hook Protector


Sew Many Ways has a smart idea to prevent those stretch marks that shirts get from hanging on hooks. Make a small hole in the tennis ball and slip it over the hook, making it just as effective, but now 100% less damaging to your clothes.

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H/T: LifeAspire

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