Wolf Approaches A Woman In The Woods And Sits Down Right Next To Her. Just Watch His Next Move

If I were to ask you to make a list of dangerous animals that people should stay far away from, I'd be willing to bet that wolves are probably somewhere towards the top of the list.

Now imagine if your job entailed interacting, feeding, and even playing with fully-grown wolves all day long. That's exactly the job description of Danielle and other employees at the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center.

Workers at the center interact with wolves, coyotes, and foxes on a daily basis. The center's mission is to "educate the public through tours and programs about the importance of wolves, coyotes, and foxes to our eco-system." They also provide a natural habitat for the animals in their care who are unable to live in the wild.

The Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center has been receiving a lot of positive media attention recently ever since the heartwarming video below was posted online.

In the video, we see Danielle, one of the employees at the center, having a truly stunning interaction with a fully fully-grown wolf named Kekoa. Although Kekoa looks pretty scary, she's actually so loving and sweet, smothering Danielle with kisses while wagging her tail. A little later in the video, another wolf named Sakura comes into the scene and shows just as much love and affection as Kekoa did.

Despite the fact that both wolves are quite large and intimidating, this video is a prime example of how we shouldn't judge a book by its cover. When treated properly, these wolves have nothing but love to give.

This video has been a great generator of publicity for the Wildlife Center because it shows the public a completely different side of the animals that they're working to protect.

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H/T: Colorado Wolf & Wildlife Center

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