Woman Builds Gorgeous Tiny Home To Stop Paying Mortgage After Her Divorce

Hailing from Idaho, Macy Miller is one architect who had a huge dream about something very small. After getting divorced and having her house foreclosed, she knew she didn’t want to go through having a mortgage. Yet, she still wanted a home to call her own. In order to make her wish come true, Macy dreamed up a brilliant idea: to build a small, yet gorgeous house.

So, Macy got to work on a 196 square-foot house, complete with everything she could ever truly want – and without the worry of a mortgage. She worked on the home for two years, building her own piece of paradise. With a price tag of only $11,000, it’s no surprise that more and more people are joining in on the tiny home craze.

Although she didn’t know much about construction, she was ready to learn.

She worked on her dream for years before it finally came true.

She made sure she kept going.

Her divorce was one of her main motivators.

The foreclosure on her house was another motivator.


She knew she didn’t ever want a mortgage, so she kept her focus on her dream.

She kept working tirelessly on her tiny home.

The home’s composting toilet, at $2,000, was its most expensive fixture.

She wired the entire house all on her own.

Macy broke her back while falling off the home’s roof during its construction.

Not even her injury stopped her.

The petite home was even created to be environmentally friendly.

The house is incredibly efficient.


Every tiny nook of space is utilized.

The home is not only better for the environment, but it’s also quite beautiful.

Macy built her tiny home upon a flatbed to make it mobile.

She has finally gained her freedom.

It’s unbelievable what one person can do once they put their mind to it. Macy proves that all it takes is a goal and dedication to make something amazing happen.

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Credit: MiniMotives

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