Woman Comes Home To Find Family Dog Had Been Shot By Police


Angela Laymon, a resident of Oklahoma, recently came home to a rather unpleasant shock. She found her dog, Bruno, lying on the porch with a bloody injury to his leg. "He was leaning against the door crying and whining," she said. When she checked closer, she found a note next to him from the Rogers County Sheriff’s Office, explaining that the dog had been shot by a deputy.

"A deputy came over to ask some questions regarding the neighbor’s house and felt threatened by my dog," says Angela. "So he shot him on my porch. That was their story." 

Sheriff Scott Walton stated that although Bruno didn't bite him, he had reason to believe he would have had he not taken preventative action. Angela, however, finds it inexcusable that the officer would just leave a wounded animal to potentially bleed out.

To add further fuel to the fire, a neighbor also claims to have heard an officer exclaim how "awesome" it looked when the dog's collar flew off.

Angela's now fighting to get the sheriff's office to pay for Bruno's medical costs, as he may require a leg amputation. It's also possible that vets will have to put him down. This case is reminiscent of another story from 2014 when an officer from the Ardmore Police Department (also in Oklahoma) shot a family's dog at a public park, reportedly in the interest of public safety. The family, however, says the dog was killed without just cause.

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H/T: America Now

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