Woman Cuts Off Yards Of Hair For Her TV Makeover

Every once in a while, it's a good idea to change things up. Most of us have routines that we stick pretty close too. We eat at the same restaurants, wear the same clothes, and work at the same job we've had for the past few years. While there's nothing wrong with having a reliable schedule and doing some of the same things every day, it's nice to completely shake up your life's status quo. This can be a drastic change, like moving from Iowa to Fiji, or something less extreme, like trying a new type of cereal at breakfast. For Diane, her change came in the form of a makeover.

With her 50th birthday fast approaching, Diane knew that she was ready for a new look. She hadn't cut her hair in decades and had practically forgotten what she looked like without those long locks surrounding her face. So, Diane agreed to appear on Rachael Ray to have a professional stylist chop some yards off her hair and let the beauty shine.

So, how does it turn out? You'll have to watch the video to see Diane's stunning transformation for yourself, but the fact that it left her best friend speechless should give you some indication of how great she ends up looking. Also, it's important to remember that there's nothing wrong with having long hair. Diane had long hair for many years and was simply ready to try out a new style. Just because Rachael and her stylist gush over Diane's new look, doesn't mean the Rapunzels among us are any less beautiful.

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H/T: Rachael Ray Show

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