Woman Gets A Shockingly Up-close Look At The Dangers Of Aspartame Sweeteners

"You are what you eat" is a pretty popular saying, but one that more and more people take a little too lightly these days. There was a time where we didn't have to think quite as hard about what we're putting into our bodies because it was all simple stuff but modern living has seen an increase in what I like to call "lab food" - food that's got several chemical additives and ingredients that you'd be hard pressed to find in Mother Nature. 

Unfortunately, even though many of these things are initially seen as "safe," they're rushed out to flood the markets without a proper study of the long-term effects. One of the most famous examples of a substance that we're just now beginning to fully understand the dangers of is the artificial sweetener known as aspartame. This is the true story of a woman who, unfortunately, learned about those dangers the hard way.

In 2001, Rhonda Gessner's sister started experiencing severe pains and stomach spasms, making it nearly impossible to walk. After undergoing a barrage of tests and biopsies, doctors believed she may have had Multiple Sclerosis.

Rhonda Gessner

Rhonda suddenly recalled an article she read about aspartame side effects and asked her sister if she drank a lot of diet soda. She admitted she did, and Rhonda told her to stop immediately.



Within 32 hours of that phone call, Rhonda's sister called her back to report that it worked! She wasn't back to 100% yet but she was feeling miles better and could actually walk.

Food Insight

Aspartame poisoning can result in headaches, decreased vision, elevated blood pressure and dizziness. After they figured out the problem, all it took was a simple prescription from the doctor to set everything right again.

My Green World

Recently, Pepsi replaced aspartame in its diet sodas with sucralose, which is considered to be much safer and passes through the body. This is definitely a step up since aspartame accumulates in the body and starts to poison it.

Chris Salina

For more information on aspartame, watch the video below:



Personally, I think if you're going to drink soda, just drink the stuff with actual sugar in it instead of fake sweeteners. All sodas - diet or otherwise - should be consumed in moderation and the only thing you should be chugging down like water is water. Sound off your opinions in the comments below.

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