Woman Helps Vet In A Predicament

A woman helped a veteran while she was shopping after she realized his predicament.

Lisa Jackson was on her way out of a Kroger when she saw an older man sitting by the entrance. Lisa asked the man if he needed help and the man immediately started to cry. He opened up to Lisa and told him his problem, “I have colon cancer and I have had a really bad accident, if I get up out of this cart everyone will know,” he said. “What should I do?”

His name was Elmer and he's a veteran of the Korean War and Vietnam.

In a Love What Matters Facebook post, Lisa wrote, "The look of his dignity lost left me with a lump in my throat."


Lisa pulled aside some staff members and told them what had happened to Elmer.

“From that moment on, Kroger staff quickly fetched us wipes, undergarments and discreetly took him to their employer bathroom area where he was given clothes,” she said.

Lisa helped Elmer change his clothes and get cleaned up. When he was ready, Elmer left the bathroom and found his grocery items waiting for him, paid in full.


"He cried harder. He said he fought in Vietnam and Korean War and loved his country, but up until today he said he thought his country forgot about him," she continued, "He encouraged me that maybe, after all, humanity still does care about one another."

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H/T: America Now

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