Woman Knits Sweaters For Greyhounds

We've all known what it feels like to be without a jacket on a cold day. You're shivering from head to toe, moving a lot slower than usual and can't focus on anything but finding warmth. Jan Brown empathizes with anyone who's ever felt like this, which is why she changed her life in a major way. When the greyhounds at her local animal shelter needed something to keep them warm in the winter, Jan didn't hesitate to knit them sweaters that would keep them nice and toasty for the entire season. And, when demand increased, Jan quit her day job so that she could make sweaters for abandoned dogs full-time. Check out the images below to learn more about Jan's incredible journey.

This is Jan posing with some of her happy customers.

She started knitting sweaters in 2008 and donated them to the Greyhound Rescue Northeast shelter.

Now, she's founded her own business called "Knitted With Love," and uses the proceeds to help out multiple shelters.


She even makes Christmas-themed hats and sweaters for the dogs. After all, even dogs shouldn’t miss out on the holidays.

If you think her job seems strange, know that Jan couldn't be happier. In total, Jan says that she has spent upwards of 4,000 hours knitting for dogs.

In an interview with the Metro, Jan said: "I can't think of anything I would rather do than knit wooly clothing for dogs."

This dog gets to dress up as Saint Nick this season. 


For these dogs, turtlenecks never went out of style.

This lucky pup is finally getting the floppy ears it always wanted.

To support Jan's great cause, check out her website.

Via: Bored Panda

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