Woman Makes Gnome Village In Trees

Four kids gather around a tree, trying to catch a glimpse of something that wasn't there the night before: gnome houses. This video demonstrates a good deed that turned into an escapade, changing the lives of two families in the process.

Locals of Overland Park, Kansas know of a place called "Firefly Forest." It's a place where remnants of a small civilization of gnomes reside. The objects were, of course, man-made, but no one was sure who was responsible for them. Predictably, neighborhood kids were enthralled by the project and many people would write notes secured by clothespins. One such note shocked the anonymous architect.

The note read, "In memory of Allie Fisher," with the dates 10/16/09 - 6/13/13 inscribed below. Allie passed away of brain cancer at only three years old. The mysterious builder, Robyn, was touched and came out of anonymity.

When Kelly Fisher returned to the gnome community, she was floored to see a new house named for her daughter, Allie. Robyn and Kelly have had a profound effect on one another's lives. Their stories are ones of joy, love, loss, and healing. Watch the video below to see the amazing story of these two families from different worlds.

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H/T: Great Big Story

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