Woman Substitutes Curtain Rods For Inexpensive PVC Pipes

For every expensive household project, there’s another, cheaper solution. You don’t have to break the bank to redecorate as long as you get a little creative

Bright, patterned curtains can dress up a boring window while adding some much-needed privacy to any room. Curtain rods might not seem terribly expensive, but if you have multiple windows to cover, the cost really piles up. One DIYer, however, found a clever way to add curtains to three windows in her office for less than the price of the average curtain rod.

Shelley Detton discovered an ingenious way to add a splash of pizzazz to her home office. According to her blog, 7 Layer Studio, Detton's office contained one wall angled into three sections that each contained one window. 

“I didn’t want to spend a fortune on these walls, and I wanted the drapes to completely cover the space between the windows,” Detton writes.


In her quest for a cheaper solution, Detton found that she could forego costly curtain rods by substituting them for one-inch diameter PVC pipes. With one quick visit to her local Lowes, she had everything she needed to craft this nifty home decor project.

“I knew I could get away with the 45 angle PVC couplers and the super cheap curtain rod brackets,” Detton writes.

After measuring and cutting her pipes to fit her walls and attaching them together with the PVC couplers, Detton painted the whole thing black to give it a chic look.

“I painted the pipes black with spray paint that’s specially designed for plastic, and I only had to buy two unfinished finials for either end of the curtain rods,” Detton writes. “I sprayed some of that expandable caulk sealant stuff into the open ends of the PVC, then taped the finials in place on the end before the foam had a chance to expand out the end.”

After 30 minutes, the caulk dried and all that was left to do was to hang up her faux-curtain rods. She popped on some snazzy polka dot curtains and, voila! That humdrum wall now looks stunning. Could you have guessed that all of this was done with PVC piping?


According to Detton, the entire project only cost about $20 - $5 of which went towards the spray paint. Three curtain rods at Target would run you three times as much! Check out Detton’s blog post for more information on this inventive DIY project.

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H/T: NX2 | Shelley Detton

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