Woman Suffers "Beauty Parlor Stroke" Head While Getting Shampooed At Salon

Mar 26, 2016

For most people, a trip to the salon means a short break from the hectic chores of everyday life. It's a time allow yourself to be a little selfish and enjoy being pampered and taken care of. Usually, the only thing to be afraid of when going to a salon is getting a bad haircut, but in reality, it's no big deal - hair always grows back. When Elizabeth Smith went to a salon in her hometown recently, she experienced a nightmare far worse than she ever thought possible. 

Elizabeth visited Blowbunny Salon in San Francisco, and found herself being rushed out in an ambulance minutes later. She had suffered a stroke while having her hair shampooed, and doctors were rushing to save her life. When she was brought to the hospital, she underwent a CT scan and it was discovered that an artery in her brain had been severely damaged. Elizabeth's family was confused as to what could possibly have caused her to have a stroke while getting her hair done, but once the doctors learned where Elizabeth was when she suffered the stroke, they knew exactly what happened. 

Elizabeth suffered from what is unofficially known as the "Beauty Parlor Stroke." This occurs when your neck is placed at an awkward angle at the shampoo sink, which can put a lot of stress on certain parts of your brain. It's a very rare phenomenon, but still something everyone should be aware of when going to a salon.

Elizabeth's recovery took 8 months, but without the help of knowledgeable doctors, it could have been a lot worse. 

H/T: CBS Los Angeles

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