Woman Tried To Adopt Her Own Brothers

21-year-old Melissa lived a difficult life when she was young. She spent time in foster care because her mother did multiple stints in jail. Now Melissa is trying to do something incredible.

After joining the Marines, Melissa recalled how her and her brothers were split up. They never had the opportunity to get to know one another much. Today, Melissa is attempting to gain full custody of her siblings.

She drove 2,000 miles to Alabama to make her case in front of the judge. She was supported by Prank It FWD, who paid for her gas, food, and a month's worth of rent. Melissa needs to convince the judge she is capable of caring for her two brothers and that it would be a better environment than with their foster parents.

Miraculously, the judge agreed. The boys are going home with Melissa... but the surprises don't end there. Prank It FWD gave Melissa something amazing... Watch the video below to find out what it was!

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H/T: MediocreFilms

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