Woman Waves To Bear, Bear Waves Back

A woman noticed a bear alongside the road and decided to give it a friendly wave from the car. The last thing she was expecting was for the bear to wave back. It’s amazing how human it seems when it’s waving to the woman.

Bears are naturally curious explorers who love to play and be social, despite their reputation for being tough and dangerous. The only reason we don’t see more bears interacting with one another is because of the size of their range and habitat. Bears have also been observed to act quite differently from one another when placed in similar situations. That’s right, they have their own personalities.

While the bear in the video might be part of an exhibit, wild bears can be dangerous and their behaviors are often misinterpreted by humans. Fortunately, bears are predictable animals, so with a little studying up on their behavior, it’s easy to avoid a negative experience.

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H/T: Viral Videos 2016

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