Woman Wins And Loses 8 Million In 5 Minutes

Portland, Oregon resident Veronica Castillo thought she'd hit the jackpot. She believed that she'd just won $8 million from a Washington casino. Then the managers told her that the machine was malfunctioning and she wouldn't be getting any money.

Veronica isn't much of a gambler, but she accompanied her mother to Lucky Eagle Casino in Rochester, Washington to keep her company. She played the video slots machine, Jurassic Riches. After a few spins, her winnings were over $8.5 million.

Five minutes later, it was gone in the blink of an eye.

Veronica told KOIN, “I was very excited, happy. Then I couldn’t believe it.”

The casino managers informed Veronica that the machine was broken and that the jackpot was not earned earnestly.

“They shut off the machine, took it away, printed out a ticket and gave me $80," Veronica said.

"I felt insulted, I felt cheated. I was very disappointed very upset and then I started to think about all the people there. And then I got angry," Veronica said.

The machine has a disclaimer saying that any malfunctions void any winnings to the player, but Veronica remains unconvinced. She plans on hiring a lawyer to seek what she believes the casino owes her, she also wants to make sure no one else ends up in her situation.

“To me, it’s cheating, may even be fraudulent. My first thought was, how many people has this happened to? They think they won, then going away empty-handed," she said.

The CEO of the casino made a statement saying a situation like this has never occurred before and that he's working with the manufacturer of the game to find out what happened. She also hopes that Veronica will remain a customer.

Do you think the casino should pay?

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H/T: America Now

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