Wonderfully Silly Wedding Photos That Will Make You Laugh

You only get married once. Well, unless you're Liz Taylor and then you get several trial runs at it.

The rest of us tend to keep things simpler. That means we try to make our wedding days as memorable as possible and we stress over every little detail. That can actually take some of the fun out of things as these couples discovered.

Here we have a collection of people who didn't take things too seriously and their days were even more fun as a result. But don't take our word for it. Check out these photos now, you'll love them. 

1. She Has No Lack Of Bottle


In fact, this bride is clearly as wedded to the bottle she has in her hands as she is to her new husband. It's all in good fun, though.

2. The Wedding Cake Was Too Real


Sure, every marriage begins like this with one partner sleeping off the ceremonial wine, but not every couple celebrates that fact on the wedding cake. 

3. The Rainbow Brite Wedding


This was a gay Jewish couple's marriage and they went with the traditional approach of riding a unicorn up the aisle together. It was certainly moving. 

4. The Wedding Crashers?


Actually, the fine folks of this Detroit neighborhood were invited to take part in this couple's wedding photographs. We think that's rather lovely. 

5. The Bride Kept On Working


This Chinese reporter was getting married in Sichuan when an earthquake struck and she decided that the wedding came second to reporting the news live. 

6. The Tent Shows More Than It Should


Outdoor weddings are a wonderful way to celebrate the happy event. Sadly, they also enable people to consume a lot of wine and then they sneak off, sometimes unsuccessfully, to get rid of that wine. 

7. Laying Down The Law


This is a wonderful way to acknowledge the expected chaos of people consuming too much drink and letting them know that there will be consequences for it. 

8. Jayden Smith Upstages The Bride


You have to give it to Will Smith's boy, he really knows how to make an entrance. Yes, that's him in the white Batman costume. Why? How on earth would we know?


9. The Dress Matches The Furnishings


You spend all of your year picking out your dress, only to discover that the caterer spent all year turning it into table coverings. Oh dear. 

10. Brother Tells Sister How It Will Be


This little sister asked her big brother to bring her a copy of that day's paper to commemorate the day she got married. Oops. 

11. The Attention Is Supposed To Be On The Bride


Men, they can't help being men even on their wedding day. We'd like to bet he got a telling off when his bride saw this picture though. 

12. The Rattlesnake Shake

Washington Post

Yes, this groom pulled off the amazing feat of being bitten by a rattlesnake as he and his beloved tied the knot. Good work from the emergency services means he's still married today. 

13. When The Kiss Is Too Much


Apparently, the happy couple was a little too enthusiastic when told that the groom could now kiss the bride. These little girls were not impressed. 

14. The Wettest Wedding On Earth


You all line up for the perfect wedding photo and then the bridge collapses underneath you. Well, they'll never forget that wedding day anyway. 

15. There Goes The Bride

Invites Weddings

We have to pay our respects to the incredible talents of this cake maker who managed to crack a joke for the couple's future prospects in fondant. 

16. Planking Photo Bomb


It's funny but unnecessary. Pranks are a wonderful thing, but try and leave the happy couple a little space to get their shots done before the photobomb, please?

17. Regretting It Already?

Elite Funny

Surely it's bad form to weep in your wedding photos when you are the groom. Maybe he was overcome by emotion or vodka (or both).

18. The Big Mac-stake Of Married Life

Awkward Family Photos

There's nothing in this world that says "I love you" better than a giant burger shaped wedding cake. Except, you know, absolutely anything else.


19. The Puniest Pony

Nick Cannon

This might work if you are marring an ogre and you are a hobbit. Otherwise, it just looks terrible. We wonder if the mini-pony was a last minute replacement?

20. Sumo Wedding

Nick Cannon

What every young couple needs on their wedding day is two topless, old, fat dudes to frame their photos for them. We can't even fathom what this is about at all.

21. They Do Things Differently In Russia

Russian Women Blog

We have no idea why this gentleman thought he needed to bring snakes and an iguana to the wedding, and the bride looks less than impressed.

22. The Addams Family Had To Cancel At The Last Minute

World Wide Interweb

Fortunately, the booking didn't go to waste and this unusual couple stepped up to the plate. We hope that they live a long happy life together in their gingerbread cottage.

23. The Bride Was Thirsty Walking Up The Aisle

World Wide Interweb

We know that your wedding day can be stressful, but do you really need several gallons of ale to wash the pain away? It might be best just to elope somewhere less stressful.

24. Ninja Bride Lashes Out


We're almost positive that this one was staged, and for the groom's sake, we really hope that it was. Crouching bride, hidden groom?

25. The Strangest Wedding Cake Ever

World Wide Interweb

We aren't going to say what this wedding cake looks like to us, but you can see by the expression on the guests' faces that it looks like that to them, too.

If you're getting married this week, we hope that your wedding goes with a few smiles and much happiness. 

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