World War II Mine Washes Up On Beach

A family was taking what they thought were fun pictures with a beached buoy. They thought nothing of it... until they later found out it was an unexploded mine from World War II!

Kelly Gravell was having a beach day near Burry Port, Wales with her husband and two children when they saw something in the distance.

As they approached it they could see it was large, metallic, and spherical in shaped. They assumed it was some sort of buoy that had washed up on the beach.

“We were more fascinated by the barnacles on it,” Kelly said.

The family snapped off some pictures of the large mine and their 4-year-old-son even touched and knocked on it.

Five days later, Pembrey Country Park officials announced that a mine had been found on the shore. A family friend that had seen Kelly’s pictures from her beach trip on Facebook realized what had happened.

Kelly and her husband couldn’t believe the news.

“I even made the joke that it was a big bomb at the time, but did not think anything of it. It’s only afterwards when the reality had set in that we were actually very lucky,” Kelly said.

The press officer for Carmarthenshire County Council, Allison Thomas-David, said that it’s common for things to wash up on the beach and she agreed that the object looked like a buoy.

A few days later the bomb squad was dispatched to the beach and detonated the bomb in a controlled explosion.

“We’ll definitely think twice before messing with something like that in the future,” Kelly said.

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H/T: Opposing Views

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