World's First Surviving Septuplets, 18 Years Later

In 1997, Bobbie and Kenny McCaughey were given grim news. According to doctors, Bobbie was in for a very complicated pregnancy. The couple were warned that they were going to have to make a tough decision. What unfolded can only be called a miracle.

Bobbie and Kenny had been trying to have a child and were having difficulty conceiving. After trying a fertility drug, they discovered that they'd accidentally over-corrected mother nature by producing not just one, but seven fetuses. Now, it probably goes without explaining that the human body isn’t built to give birth to litters, so doctors warned the couple that it was highly unlikely that all the babies would make it to full-term. In fact, up until that point, there’d never been a successful septuplet birth.

Kenny and Bobbie were told they should opt for “selective reduction,” in other words, abort some of the fetuses in order to save the others. After what must have been an excruciating period of contemplation, the couple chose to keep all seven of the babies in desperate hopes of defying the odds set against them.

In November of 1997, all seven babies were born. They were nine weeks premature, but otherwise healthy.

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Then came the really difficult part - raising seven babies and their big sister at the same time!



The McCaugheys quickly became international celebrities after their record-breaking birth.

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The family remained in the spotlight, as media routinely checked in to see the septuplets grow up.

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18 years later, they all graduated from high school together.

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Each of the septuplets has big plans for after graduation. Natalie is going to college to become an elementary school teacher. Brandon is pursuing his lifelong dream of becoming a soldier in the U.S. Army. Kelsey, who was the lightest of the septuplets, weighing 2lb 5oz at birth, is a member of her high school choir and will be studying music in college. Kenny is going to study at the Des Moines Area Community College and intends to pursue a career in construction. Alexis, who has cerebral palsy due to birth complications, is co-captain of the cheer squad at her high school and graduated top of her class. Nathan was also born with cerebral palsy and learned to walk on his own. He now hopes to become a scientist. Joel, who came out last, making him the “youngest” of the septuplets, intends to study computer science.


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