Would You Be Able To Sleep Here? These Hammocks Are Stretched High Across The Italian Alps

Skydiving and bungee jumping are two common items you see on a lot of people's bucket lists. But even for the most extreme adrenaline enthusiasts, this might be a little bit too intimidating.

At Italy's biggest slackline festival, the International Highline Meeting, people from all over the world gather to try out this extreme sport. But the biggest shock of all came at bedtime. Instead of cozy beds, attendees slept in hammocks that hung across the Italian Alps. Just looking at the photos will increase most people's heart rates.

This is fitting isn't it? To get to their hammocks requires the ultimate slacklining challenge.


Hammocks are stretched into the middle of the Italian Alps.

Once there, the sight is absolutely beautiful. But there's something else about this area that makes it special.

During the First World War, 18,000 young soldiers died in these passes.


The hammocks serve as an open air museum to this historical piece of land.

Few people can muster up the courage to be able to enjoy this view. But to these daredevils, it's one of the greatest experiences in what they love doing most.

Via: Lost at E Minor | Sebastian Wahlhuetter

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