Yes, That Building Really Is Floating In The Air. Just Wait Until You See How This Man Built It.

Have you ever seen a levitating building? If your answer is no, never fear: you're about to! 

Well, not exactly. This floating building is simply an illusion, created by British artist and illusionist Alex Chinneck. The installation, in London's Covent Garden Market, is 40 feet tall. Despite its size, however, it's still quite difficult to figure out exactly how Chinneck pulls this off. 

Pictured below, Alex Chinneck stands with his installation, titled "Take my lightning but don't steal my thunder". 


This building is meant to imitate the style of the 184-year-old building behind it. The only difference? This one seems to be hovering about ten feet in the air. 

A four-ton counterweight supports this structure, which is made of steel and filcor, a form of polystyrene used in architecture and engineering projects. 

Here’s a snapshot of the installation being lifted by a crane during construction. 


If you think those details explain the illusion, think again. Chinneck is the only person who knows how the illusion works and the location of the counterweight. 

Chinneck really mixes the concepts of art, engineering, and architecture in this installation. 

Who wouldn't want to pose for a picture here?

Credit: Huffington Post

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