You Can Now Have A Nursing Home For Your Elderly Parents Right In Your Backyard

A major issue these days that many Americans are facing has to deal with what is known as the "sandwich generation" - people who are old enough to have kids that need care, but also have parents that are aged enough to now require special care as well. Making the decision of where your parents will live when they can't live on their own is a difficult one, with many factors to be considered.

While we'd like to keep them near enough that we could be there for them in case of emergency, it's also important that they have their own space and sense of privacy. This gets particularly tricky (and cramped) if your kids are still living with you. One great solution to this? Med Cottages!

These tiny homes - sometimes called "Granny Pods" - are actually state-of-the-art living spaces that are safe, well-constructed, and fairly inexpensive. It's a great way to keep your elderly parents nearby while still giving them their own space. Check out the video below to learn more.

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H/T: Tip Hero

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