You Could Throw Away That Plastic Bottle, Or You Could Do Something Like This...

These days, you can’t turn around with seeing plastic bottles. Particularly if you’re someone who likes the 2 liter bottles, you probably have mountains of bottles to dispose of at the end of the month. Instead of letting all of that end up ina landfill, why not make something useful and/or beautiful out of it? Here are some of the most creative things you can do with those left over bottles.

Vertical Garden



A beautiful mosiac made from caps left behind by Hurricane Sandy.

Spoon lamp

Jewelry Stand

Cherry Blossom Paint Stamp

Parking Canopy


Bouquet Lamp

Christmas Tree

Cute Planters

Intricate Bottle Vase

Durable Purse

Sci-Fi Rocket Jet Pack

Hanging Chandelier


Lake Boat

Pencil/Marker Organizers

Solar Light Bulb

Ottoman Seat


Bottle Cap Decoration

Bird Feeder

Napkin Ring

Credit: The MetaPicture

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